Vitalpoint Technologies Appoints Morgan Rabito to the role of Senior Advisor of Strategic Planning with a Focus on Hospice Expansion

Vitalpoint Technologies Appoints Morgan Rabito to the role of Senior Advisor of Strategic Planning with a Focus on Hospice Expansion

  • Morgan Rabito joins VitalPoint Technologies’ Herban Healing as Senior Advisor of Strategic Planning, bringing her specialized expertise in hospice management to drive strategic initiatives within the company.
  • In her new role, Morgan will be pivotal in executing Herban Healing’s ambitious plan to extend outreach to more than 34 hospice facilities nationwide that are currently clients, aiming to significantly impact the hospice care sector.
  • Her efforts will focus on targeting over 6,300 hospice facilities in Texas during the first phase of the development program, leveraging Herban Healing’s innovative healthcare solutions to meet the needs of this expansive market.
  • Morgan’s strategic leadership is expected to be crucial in Herban Healing’s objective to capture over 10% of the approximately 1.7 million hospice patients annually in the USA, based on the program’s proven success thus far.
  • With her extensive background in hospice management, Morgan is uniquely positioned to identify emerging market opportunities and foster partnerships that will enable Herban Healing to expand its footprint and enhance service offerings.
  • Through her guidance, Herban Healing aims to reinforce its market presence and improve the quality of care provided to hospice patients, aligning with VitalPoint Technologies’ overall mission to innovate and lead in the healthcare industry.

Houston, Texas – May 6th, 2024 – VitalPoint Technologies, Inc. (“VPT”) is pleased to announce the appointment of Morgan Rabito as Senior Advisor of Strategic Planning. In this role, Morgan will leverage her extensive expertise in hospice management and strategic development to drive the company’s initiatives forward.

VitalPoint’s subsidiary Herban Healing, a Texas-based bio-pharmaceutical company spearheading innovative healthcare solutions since its inception in 2019, recent news, Herban Healing announced a significant milestone as it extends its outreach to 34 hospice facilities nationwide. During Phase 1 of our development program we will be targeting 6,300 + of these hospice facilities based in Texas, alone. Based on the program’s success to date, Herban believes this product can reach over 10% of the approximately 1.7mm hospice patients annually here in the USA. 

At Herban Healing, Morgan will focus on leveraging her expertise in hospice management to enhance the company’s strategic planning efforts. She will play a pivotal role in identifying emerging market opportunities, fostering partnerships, and guiding the company’s expansion into the hospice sector.

Morgan Rabito: “Joining VitalPoint Technologies is an opportunity to integrate my background in hospice management with innovative healthcare practices. I am eager to contribute to strategic advancements that promise not only to extend, but also enhance the quality of care for hospice patients across the nation.”

About Morgan Rabito

Morgan Rabito brings a wealth of experience and leadership in hospice management to her new role as Senior Advisor of Strategic Planning at Herban Healing. With a career spanning over 18 years in the healthcare industry, her background and achievements exemplify her dedication to driving operational excellence and sustainable growth:

  • Hospice Management Excellence: Morgan has held key leadership positions in hospice organizations, including Care Hospice and Compassus Hospice, where she led diverse teams and strategically expanded service offerings across multiple states. Her ability to foster collaborative relationships and implement innovative strategies has resulted in significant growth and operational efficiency improvements.
  • Recognition for Leadership: Morgan’s outstanding contributions to the hospice industry have been recognized with accolades such as the President’s Circle award in 2020-2022 for her exceptional leadership achievements. Her track record of surpassing growth targets and driving performance excellence highlights her commitment to delivering high-quality care and service to patients and families.
  • Education and Professional Development: Morgan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership and has pursued ongoing professional development throughout her career. Her commitment to continuous learning and staying abreast of industry best practices underscores her dedication to advancing the field of hospice care and strategic planning.

Robert Yrshus, CEO of VitalPoint Technologies: “Bringing Morgan Rabito into our team marks a significant enhancement in our strategic planning capabilities. Her expertise will be crucial in navigating the complexities of the healthcare sector as we expand our reach and impact within the hospice community. We are excited about the new perspectives and insights she brings to our mission.”

About VitalPoint Technologies, Inc.

VitalPoint Technologies, Inc. is founded by a collective of veterans, medical professionals, and financial advocates who envision a future where technology places individuals’ well-being at the forefront of healthcare. We are deeply committed to leveraging tech-enablement for alternative healthcare options, such as CBD and psilocybin, to address pressing healthcare challenges. Our goal is not just to develop products but to automate processes that facilitate research, regulatory compliance, and education within the healthcare ecosystem.

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